Secure Research Data Strategy

Research Data Protection Policy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Research Data?

It refers to any data that is stored or processed in a research context. Data that is imported to the University may have legal, policy, and/or contractual restrictions associated with it that must be observed, and some types of data produced at the University likewise have associated legal and policy restrictions. If such restrictions exist, the data is called “Restricted Data.”

What is Restricted Data?

It is research data that is subject to restrictions set forth in an applicable regulation, University policy, or contract, or identified by the appropriate University authority.

How do I know what restrictions are associated with my research data?

Research data restrictions can arise from computing security or subject confidentiality or privacy obligations as set forth in data use agreements (“DUAs”), terms of service, or other contracts. They may be identified by an Institutional Review Board (“IRB”) or other University authority, and they may stem from local, state, national, or international regulations.

Who can I go to for help with interpreting and understanding the restrictions and regulations associated with my research data?

The University Research Administration (URA) can help with interpreting and understanding the restrictions associated with research data. Please contact

What is public data?

Public data is research data that has no restrictions and hence may be freely shared.